I can not express enough gratitude to Jno for the improvements in my overall body and wellbeing. The improvements we have accomplished in the areas of flexibility, strength, and weight loss over the past 18 months have far exceeded my expectations. My journey to a better body started with a recommendation from a colleague to meet with Jno concerning a 20-year old knee injury that continued to cause daily pain and discomfort. I had already been to a few physical therapist in an effort to reduce the pain and improve flexibility with no real results to speak of. After only a couple of months of training sessions built specifically around improving the strength and flexibility of my injured knee, I began to see what I considered to be remarkable improvements. Why was Jno able to do what others failed to accomplish? His approach was unique and different than any other therapist. His training routine is specifically custom made with your body and goals in mind. It was at this time I came to the conclusion if Jno could work a small miracle for a 20-year old knee injury, what would he be able to accomplish for this 40+ year old overweight and out of shape man. For more than a year and half I have been working with Jno, and following his customized training program and dieting advice. The results thus far, are I feel, look, and have the energy levels I did nearly 20 years ago. The best part is we have done it the natural way…. pure diet and exercise. No special pills or gimmicks here! 18-months ago I could barely walk! Today I can run a mile in 8 minutes!