Prior to training with Jno, I was just going through the motions with other trainers at the gym.
Since I started training with Anatomical FX my life/Body has gone through major transformations.
I have lost 70 lbs. the past year. We discuss my nutritional habits, my form and what other
extracurricular activities I need to be doing (mostly cardio). My perspective on running has changed
I never liked it, but with Jno’s patience, we started small, now I am up to 40 minutes running
time. My endurance has improved tremendously. Jno is very caring and always see him with a smile
on his face, when ever my energy is low he’s always cheering me on, reminding me about my LBD. We
always set little goals at a time, and he makes sure I meet and exceed them.
I am very thankful he’s part of my journey! He’s more than a trainer, he’s a friend and a big brother
always looking out for me to improve my physique and cardio recovery. Thank You, Thank You. I look
forward to many more training sessions. CHEERS MATE!!!